25 Unique Destinations to Add to Your Travel Bucket List

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Quitting a job and traveling around the world, checking off one bucket list destination each month, sounds more like a movie script than a realistic plan. It often takes years between visits to places a person has dreamed of for a long time. But all obstacles are worth the trips to some of Earth's most amazing sights.


Stairway to Heaven, Oahu, Hawaii

This is one of the most epic hikes in Hawaii, but it's illegal. The trail, also called Haiku Stairs, which reach a peak of nearly 3,000 feet, is officially closed. This doesn't discourage adventurous hikers from trying their luck reaching the spectacular Puu Keahiakahoe summit to take in the view of the lavish Koolau mountain range.


Ancient Cambodia

April, May and June are the times to take a holiday in this dollar-friendly adventure destination because it's the dry season. Visit the ancient city of Angkor Thom, Angkor Wat, the largest religious monument in the world, learn about the country's tumultuous history, enjoy the beautiful untouched beaches, encounter wild animals in the lavish jungle, and eat delicious local food. Along the way you'll get to swim, sunbath, and snorkel. There are also boat tours that are readily available.


Angel Falls, Venezuela

Angel Falls, the highest waterfall on Earth, is 3,230 feet in height with a vertical drop of 2,647 feet. It is only accessible by river from June to December, when the river is deep enough for boat travel. You'll also have to hike through the jungle for about five hours. Angel Falls is one of the most insane BASE jumping destinations. Be prepared for a very intense jump, as seen in this video.


Komodo National Park, Indonesia

This is one of the best places for scuba diving, some travel bloggers say. The waters surrounding the Komodo National Park form part of the Coral Triangle, which contains one of the richest marine biodiversity on Earth: a paradise for divers. This is also the place to come and see the famous Komodo Dragons.


Mnemba Island, Tanzania

Mnemba, just of the north east coast of Zanzibar, is a destination for barefoot luxury ?? you can snorkel straight off the beach and onto pristine reef.


Antelope Canyon, Arizona

It is made up of two canyons. The upper is approximately 4,000 feet in elevation. When the sunlight shines in the colors of the canyon, they appear to vibrate off of the walls. The canyon looks red, gold and orange.


Fogo Island, Canada

Fogo Island is the largest offshore island in Newfoundland. Stay at the Fogo Island Inn for tons of hiking, walking and backpacking opportunities. Enjoy nights by the bonfire, relax in their rooftop sauna and stargaze in their rooftop hot tubs. While you are there make sure you attend the Fogo Island Partridgeberry Harvest Festival, it's a celebration of local food and crafts.


Cinque Terre, Italy

Cinque Terre is a UNESCO World Heritage Site deemed as having noteworthy cultural value for signifying a "harmonious interaction between man and nature to produce a landscape of exceptional scenic quality." The colorful village provides a vibrant backdrop for travelers who are after truly stunning snapshots. It's a great destination for cycling and hiking.


Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia

Salar de Uyuni is the world's largest salt flat. Because of the large, flat area and clear skies, it is often used for calibrating altimeters of Earth observation satellites. It also creates a dream-like reflection off of the crust. Stay at Palacio de Sal, a hotel made of ice. Even the furniture in the hotel is made of salt.


Sagano Bamboo Forest, Japan

The soaring green stalks move with the wind, colliding and twisting. Hike along the Bamboo Forest's paths, which are more than 1,640 feet long. You can also rent a bike for a relaxing ride through the majestic place.


Hạ Long Bay, Vietnam

Ha Long Bay puts explorative kayakers amidst striking limestone islands, rugged rock formations and low caves, making it a less intense but still exotic and exciting destination for capturing extraordinary footage. The bay in the Gulf of Tonkin includes 1,600 islands and islets. Most of them are uninhabited and unaffected by a human presence.


The Sea of Stars, Vaadhoo Island, the Maldives

The mesmerizing island is best known for the "sea of stars." At first glance, the water looks like a mirror, reflecting the glittering stars from the dark sky. The glowing waves of the surreal beach are caused by bioluminescence, a natural chemical reaction generated by phytoplankton, marine microbes disturbed by oxygen.


Glass Beach in Fort Bragg, California

The name comes from the smooth colorful glass pieces on the pebbly beach. The site was once a trash dump so broken bottles from garbage cans of local residents are now little treasures to be found, according to California Beaches. It is illegal to remove any glass from there.


Hobbit Village in New Zealand

This was the set for the iconic Lord of the Rings movies. It is now a permanent tourist attraction whe re you can see and explore hobbit holes, gardens, a bridge, Mill and The Green Dragon Inn.

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"End of the World" in Ecuador

La Casa del Arbol in Baños is a small treehouse, the nickname of which is "the end of the world." Visitors get to swing over a gorge at the edge of a canyon without any safety measures. It feels like you're flying into a void above clouds. You'll have to go there early in the morning if you want to avoid waiting in long lines.


The Pamukkale Thermal Pools, Turkey

Pamukkale is Turkey's leading mineral-bath spa because of its natural splendor. Hot calcium-laden water flows over a cliff. As it cools down it forms vivid travertines of hard, white calcium that form pools. Named the Cotton Fortress in Turkish, it has been a spa since the Romans built the spa city of Hierapolis around a sacred warm-water spring.


Issyk-Kul Lake, Kyrgyzstan

The gorgeous Issyk Kul Lake, the second largest alpine lake on the planet. Meet with nomads whose yurts and horses are scatted along the landscape.


Merzouga, Morocco

The dunes are a must-see. Morocco in general should be on one's bucket list, many travel bloggers say. It's a magical place with a real Aladdin feel. You feel like you're going back to ancient time.


The Great Barrier Reef, Australia

Encompassing 3,000 individual reefs along 900 islands, Australia's Great Barrier Reef is the largest coral reef in the world and the only living thing that's visible from space.


Utah's national parks

The state has five national parks ?? Arches, Bryce Canyon, Canyonlands, and Zion. It's hard to pick one that is better than the other, so the best thing to do is visit them all. Follow the paths where ancient native people and pioneers walked and see stunning colors year-round. Don't miss the sunsets ?? they are among the most gorgeous in the world.


Hôtel de Glace, Canada

This incredible, and some might say extreme, hotel is open only until March 28 this year. Everything is literally sculpted ice, including the beds. If you're looking for an original vacation, this one certainly qualifies. You're surrounded by pure white snow and ice, which allows it to change its décor as often as customers please.

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Faroe Islands, Denmark

The remote archipelago is stranded halfway between Iceland and Norway, making it a unique location for stunning views of the Northern Lights. Lights season falls between September and March. You have to travel outside towns to see them, but this is only a bonus because the countryside is breathtaking.


Meteora, Greece

Christians used to go to the monastery for absolute isolation, peace and harmony, according to Visit Meteora. The massive rocks are perched at a maximum height of 1,200 feet. This place is a phenomenon of vast monolithic pillars and hills that have formed enormous rounded boulders. They are mystical yet serene and breathtaking.


Blue Lagoon, Iceland

Easily one of the most famous attractions in all of Iceland, the baby blue waters of the Blue Lagoon hover between 98 and 104 degrees and are said to have a magical effect on skin. The combination of silica, algae and minerals help exfoliate and reduce inflammation so well that there's actually a line of skin care products made from the water.


Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe and Zambia

Victoria Falls is classified as the world's largest sheet of falling water with a width of 5,604 feet and height of 354 feet. Spray from the falling water can be seen miles away during the wet season. You can go on the wildest one-day whitewater trip in the world. This is one of the greatest attractions in all of Africa.

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