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San Antonio, Texas - NexPoint Advisors, Inc., the owner of the San Antonio Intercontinental Hotel, today announced plans to open the first hotel of its kind in the United States. Nex Point Advisor has a long history of investing in high-end hotels in Texas and the U.S.

The hotel is the first of three planned hotels in Texas, with Dallas and San Antonio the other planned cities. Future locations for Hotel Indigo must include the former Intercontinental Hotel in downtown Dallas and two other hotels in Dallas - Fort Worth and Houston.

Idaho franchising for guests with more than 1,000 hotels and resorts in the U.S. and Canada. The hundreds of lodging options, including hotels, motels, resorts, restaurants and hotels in the United States, Canada and Mexico, make Hotel Indigo one of the most popular hotel brands in North America.

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IHG (r) has a list of San Antonio hotels that you can choose for your visit, that you can choose for a visit. InterContinental San Francisco is ranked 32nd among luxury hotels in San Francisco, behind Marriott International (31st) and Marriott Hotels & Resorts International, Inc., and second in San Jose, California. This vibrant city in southwest California entertains visitors of all ages with a variety of restaurants, bars, hotels and restaurants. Check out the 17 hotels around Fort Myers ranked 1, 3, 3 and 4 by TripAdvisor, and the Suites of Fortyers - Sanibel Gateway, rated 4 out of 5 on TripAdvisor.

Save up to 60% on hotels in South San Francisco with Hotwire Hot Rate Deals, and if you want to stay at a locally owned motel, you can get better deals than what this website offers. If you are looking for a hotel in San Antonio, Texas, or even just a few miles away, you should visit one of the many convenient hotels in and around the historic San Austin marketplace, such as the InterContinental Hotel, Intercontinental Hotel San Jose.

Internet space is the prize in Lac - winner Candlewood Suites (r) at the Intercontinental Hotel San Jose. The Irvine InterContinental Hotel in Irvine, California is located in the heart of historic downtown San Antonio, a short drive from downtown San Austin and is one of the most popular hotels in Southern California.

Internet space is the prize in Lac - winner Candlewood Suites (r) at the Intercontinental Hotel San Jose.

Whether you're on a romantic getaway or just want your own space, book a hotel room with private room and hot tub at the Intercontinental Hotel San Jose. The Candlewood Suites offer the luxury of private rooms, private showers and bathrooms. Give up your trip by checking in to one of the hotel's private suites, such as the one above or the two below.

The award-winning Candlewood Suites at the InterContinental Houston Medical Center are located on the second floor of the hotel, just blocks from the Houston Convention Center. The Intercontinental Houston Medical Center and its state-of-the-art medical facilities provide guests with additional peace and quiet.

Get to know San Antonio from its wild side by being part of one of the largest and most popular wildlife parks in the world. The San Antonio Zoo and Aquarium is home to 779 species of animals and is home to the largest zoo in the United States and the second largest aquarium in North America. Nearby New Braunfels has a variety of amusement parks, including Schlitterbahn Waterpark, which is ideal for cooling off in the warm summer months. The base also houses the InterContinental Houston Medical Center and its state-of-the-art medical facilities.

IHG operates more than 200 InterContinental hotels worldwide and plans to develop 60 properties, according to the company's website. Candlewood Suites extended - stay hotel is one of 15 hotels under the brand name that include hotels in the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Canada and the United Kingdom. IH Groupe, known for brands such as Intercontinental, Marriott, Hyatt, Westin, Hilton, J.W. Marriott and Marriott International, operates in 66 countries and is the parent company of brands such as Hilton Hotels & Resorts, Holiday Inn and Hilton Worldwide.

Houston, also known as an industrial city, is the fourth largest city in the United States and is expected to continue to grow. As a result, the number of hotels in San Antonio, Texas and other parts of Texas is expected to continue to grow in the coming years. Army post named after the U.S. Air Force base at Fort Benning, Ga., home to the Texas Rangers.

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