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Week 2 of the college football season will see the Texas State Bobcats face the San Antonio UTSA Roadrunners, with the latter having a chance to qualify after falling to SMU last weekend (31-24). A new era of roadrunner football begins Saturday when Jeff Traylor makes his first trip to the Big 12 Conference as head coach while UT SA visits Texas State. The Cats enter the match with a loss to Texas A & M and South Dakota State, and a loss to Oklahoma State.

Taylor comes to San Antonio after working as an assistant at Texas, SMU and Arkansas. He had two years of head coach experience at Gilmer High School, where he won three national titles and made four trips to the national championships as head coach. In his first season as head football coach, Wilson helped the Roadrunners set a 6-6 regular-season record and become bowl eligible for the first time in school history. UTSA finished with a 7-5 record against the Bobcats last season, giving Jeff Traylor his second season as coach in the Big 12 Conference and his third in a row.

UTSA would end the season 6-5, but a game against the Houston Cougars was canceled because of the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey. UTSA closed its season with an 8-3 record in front of an audience that announced the school's first bowl appearance in school history and first in program history.

Texas State scored touchdowns in the final two minutes of the game, including a 14-yard touchdown by wide receiver D'Angelo Williams, while UTSA threw an interception that returned for a touchdown to give the Roadrunners a 41-28 lead. Texas State also got tremendous play from second-homore running back McCormick, who combined with the Mustangs for 195 yards and touchdowns last weekend and combined to average just under 6.8 yards per carry on the day. UT SA's offensive line bodes well for the future, with running back McCormick, a true freshman, setting numerous school records, including the school's season record of 1,843 yards.

Holt is enrolled as a shooter and center fielder and gets his first opportunity to learn the Roadrunners "defensive system. Chattman was supposed to start, but Holt is likely to enroll in the fall and sign up late in the summer, aiming to learn the Roadrunner's defensive system for a full year before his senior season.

The Roadrunners also have a pair of junior college transfers, senior right-hander Chris Triplette and junior left-pitcher Ryan O'Toole, who are still expected to sign with UTSA at a later date. He will not be eligible to play until next season as a junior, although he still has four seasons left on the Roadrunners.

The Roadrunners will have their biggest non-conference test on September 25 when they host Memphis, but next season's schedule includes games against Texas A & M - Corpus Christi, San Antonio and San Diego State - as well as the WAC opponents. The final CUSA contest has a 15: 30 start time on Saturday, October 1, and a 19: 00, m., kick off on Sunday, November 4.

A number of programs would be happy to play at facilities like the Alamodome, so why is it such an obstacle to UTSA football? Still, owning a stadium that can be called its own would help the program grow in many ways. But perhaps the most important question for UTSA is this: Can a football tradition be created from the air in a small town of fewer than 2,000? If they ever want to move forward, it would be in their best interest to take a step back and reassess.

Creating an electric atmosphere in which the student body cheers in a stadium with a capacity for runners will probably fall to new head coach Jeff Traylor, who must develop a program that tempts the student body to make the trip to campus.

Taylor and Gilmer's team has outstanding talent and 15 athletes have signed with UTSA, but without a single team to rally around, San Antonio could face an uphill battle with Texas A & M, Texas State and Texas Tech. Here's a look at some of the players we're looking to help UT SA this season. With so many talented athletes, it's up to them and them, which isn't even true of the Longhorns in Austin.

Located literally on the UTSA campus, Roadrunner Field is a huge theme park open for virtually every baseball season. It is visible from the UT SA campus and as a plus, the participants can spend time on the intramural and recreational fields located directly behind the field. Roadrunner Field is one of the most popular baseball fields in San Antonio and it is very easy to get there as it is located just a few blocks from the campus on the east side of Interstate 35. From the highway, you can wind your way around the campus to the fields and there are plenty of parking spaces in front of it.

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